All students from class I to class XII will be promoted to classes without giving exams: Saeed Ghani

Karachi (HRNW)- Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has said that this year all students from class I to class XII will be promoted to classes without giving exams and those who fail will also be given passing marks. Will be promoted in classes. There will be no special exams this year and students who want to improve their subjects will be given the opportunity to take the exam next year. We have not stopped private educational institutions from opening from today if they want, but we have stopped the teaching process and no school can start teaching without the permission of the government. Imran Niazi and his ATM are involved in the report of the Chinese Scandal Commission and now a forensic drama is being created to save them. The Prime Minister himself gave permission to import sugar in the cabinet meeting and later he also gave permission to import another one lakh tonnes and due to this 300 billion rupees from the pockets of the poor people of the country. I have gone, which is Imran Niazi’s ATM. The aim of the NAB-Niazi Nexus is not to eradicate corruption but to eradicate the opposition. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at his office on Sunday. Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister Rashid Rabbani was also present on the occasion. Saeed Ghani said that we had already announced to promote children from class I to VIII due to Corona virus and later to promote children from class IX to XII as well as how to promote them. A sub-committee of the steering committee of the education department was constituted to clarify the matter. This committee has formulated its recommendations during two or three meetings and we will convene a meeting of the steering committee of the education department in the next two days. Will make these recommendations. “According to the recommendations, as we have no record of the ninth and eleventh graders, they will be promoted to the next classes without any marks and when these children take the tenth and twelfth examinations and The numbers obtained in this will be considered as the numbers of ninth and eleventh. The children of class X and XII will be promoted to the next classes based on their results of class IX and XI and 3% extra marks will be added to the marks obtained by them. Children who want to fail in any number of papers will be given passing marks. He said that no special examination would be held this year and the children who wanted to improve their marks would also be promoted but if they wanted they would be given the opportunity next year. Saeed Ghani said that the same rules would apply to private students. Asked about the announcement of opening of educational institutions on June 15 by the associations of private educational institutions, he said, “We have not stopped the opening of private educational institutions. If they want, they can open them from today, but we have stopped the teaching process.” And no school can start teaching without the permission of the government. He said that we have announced not to open educational institutions from June 1 while no date has been given for opening and we will take a decision after reviewing the situation and formulating education policy in the steering committee. “In the current situation, I don’t think any parent would send their children to school,” he said. Saeed Ghani said that for the last several days PTI has started a propaganda against PPP and PML-N in the name of Suger scandal. He said that all the things in the sugar Scandal Commission should be subsidized. The tax was collected, a JIT was set up and all inquiries were completed and references were made. If all this has happened in the past, we ask the Prime Minister and his cronies why this commission was formed. According to the TROs of this commission, the increase in sugar prices in 2018-19 and 2019-20 and as a result of which more than Rs 300 billion was to be taken out of the pockets of the people. He said that the main reason for the increase in sugar prices in the report of this commission was to import 1 million metric tonnes of sugar and later to allow another 100,000 tonnes and this was the responsibility of the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. There are decisions given in the meeting and it is because of this permission that the price of sugar has gone up. Saeed Ghani said that the Prime Minister had constituted the commission on February 20 and submitted its report on March 9. After that, it should have been acted upon, but since the report included all the ATMs of Imran Khan in which Asad Omar, Razzaq Dawood, Hafeez Sheikh, Bazdar and Imran Khan himself are among those in charge, so after the report of this commission, the drama of Frasnik has been started. “I ask the NAB why it does not see this Rs 300 billion corruption and why it did not take action against Imran Niazi and his ATM after the commission’s report,” Ghani said. He said that the nexus between NAB and Niazi was not to eradicate corruption but to eradicate the opposition and it has now been proved that to save these ATMs now against PPP and PML-N. Such actions are being taken. Saeed Ghani said that whether it is a matter of increase in prices of medicines, increase in gas prices, permission to import medicines from India, permission to import sugar, all these decisions were taken in the cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. They approve and then pretend to investigate. He said that this incompetent and incompetent elected government had taken as many loans during the last one year as the PPP had not taken during its five-year tenure. He said that the Prime Minister himself would also form a commission on construction relief, as he was also involved in it and he would definitely do this drama to save them. Responding to a question, he said that all the decisions of the Prime Minister are for his own investors who are international awakeners. To another question, he said that if the NAB had to show its neutrality, it would have to immediately take Rs 300 billion against those who robbed the people by making sugar expensive, for which Imran Khan and his own There are ministers. To a question, he said that at present Pakistani overseas are also suffering due to the policies of the present incompetent government and the PIA is charging them three times more for bringing them and giving them sheep and goats. Is being brought. On the question of PIA plane crash, he said that dictatorial system is prevalent in PIA and the pilot of the plane is being made on duty for 22 to 23 hours contrary to international rules and at present under SOP after Corona virus. A person over 50 years of age has to be most careful. PIA has contracted its pilot over 60 years of age and they are being hired and if anyone raises a voice against it, the agency will take action. Therefore, restrictions have been imposed on associations in PIA so that no one can raise their voice. Replying to a question, Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani said that if there is an economic emergency, it should be in the federation. What the Sindh government is doing at the moment is doing better than all the other provincial governments and the federal government itself. Replying to a question on the 18th Amendment, Ghani said that it was the 18th Amendment after the 1973 Constitution, which had abolished khals among the provinces, created harmony among the provinces and strengthened the federation. ۔ He said that those who do not know the provisions of the Constitution and the 18th Amendment are coming to the media to comment on it and if anyone asks them, they start their drama instead of talking about it.

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