Lahore chicken prices surge to Rs350/kilo as Eid nears

Lahore (HRNW) The price of chicken has spiked by Rs 80 per kilogrammes in Lahore as Eid is round the corner.

After the price surge, the meat is now being sold at Rs 350 for a kg. People say that a few days back the commodity was being sold at Rs240 per kg.

“Is this the new Pakistan the government talks about?” a buyer asked.

Butchers, on the other hand, have blamed the increase on hoarders and profiteers because of whom a shortage has been created in the market. “Shopkeepers never want their businesses to get affected in any way,” one of them said.

The Poultry Traders Association has threatened the government that if prices of live poultry don’t go down, they will close their businesses in protest.

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