Digital Literacy is paramount for eLearning Success: Dr. Zakar

Okara (HRNW)- The global paradigm shift in the education system following the COVID-19 outbreak has made this indispensable for both students and teachers to be digitally literate to function and progress in a world characterized by remote learning, greater digitalization of services and more digitally-centered communications, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar in a video conference with his staff.
He argued that the pandemic had given the teachers, students, policy makers and society at large in both developed and developing nations a better understanding of our current education system’s vulnerabilities and shortcomings.
“This is the time to reinvent the wheel of the education structure. We can no longer withstand the conventional classroom teaching methods while the need for digitization is increasing and being forced upon us one way or the other”, told the VC.
Dr. Zakar maintained that the success of the virtual learning could hardly be possible without initiating digital literacy drive. “There is still a large segment who are either devoid of the advanced information and communication technologies or totally unaware of their effective use.”
He told that the world leaders had long been debating the digital divide and the global lockdowns had exposed the grey area vividly.

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